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     Rules And Discipline

1) It is always necessary to carry the Identity card.

2) It is obligatory for students to show Identity Card if asked by teaching and non-teaching member of the college.

3) Moving in the corridors during class hours is strictly prohibited.

4) Any act which will disturb the academic work of the college is strictly banned.

5) Any act which leads to damage of the college building and property is banned.

6) Strict discipline in the class-room during teaching is to be maintained.

7) Decent behavior with the teaching, non-teaching staff and girl students is expected.

8) Smoking and chewing tobacco in the campus is strictly prohibited.

9) In case of difficulties, student should consult respective heads of the departments.

10) Student has to follow the rules set by the library.

11) Discipline is expected on the ground during sport activities.

12) Student has to follow all the instructions given by the concerned teachers during visits for youth festival,
      sports events, debate competitions, study tour, NSS camps.

13) The students have to park their vehicles in notified parking area.

14) Inauguration of the student's council will be a combined event of Arts, Commerce and Science colleges.

15) The decision regarding inauguration of gathering is usually taken in a joint meeting of student council
       members, concerned teachers and principal. However, under certain circumstances the decision
       taken by the principal and incharge teachers is final and obligatory.

16) Students should attend their classes as per the division and subjects notified for them.

17) Students are not allowed to carry weapons with them. If found, are liable for leagal action.

18) Admission is cancelled if the student is absent without prior permission for the classes for more than
      a week except in case of medical reason.

19) It is compulsory to have 75% attendance in compulsory and optional subjects. Permission to appear
       for University examination is not granted if the attendance is less than 75%.

20) It is compulsory to attend each examination conducted by the college or by the teacher.

21) If the students remain absent for unit tests or pre-annual examination, dues will be collected from them.

22) Any sort of physical and mental torture (ragging) is a crime. In case of any complaint, legal action will be taken.


1) Students should read this set of rules and regulations. It is obligatory on the students to follow these rules.
      Any act against these rules will be considered as indiscipline and that student or a group of students
      are liable for the disciplinary action decided by the Principal and the discipline committee of the college.
      The decision taken by the discipline committee will be final and obligatory for the student.

2) Student has to sign a guarantee bond with respect to the code of conduct and rules for discipline at the time of admission.