For the encouragement of students, college awards prizes to meritorious students. Who hold top position in various subjects at different class levels. The details of the prizes are given below:

Sr. No.Awards / Memorial MedalAwarded ByClass/Subject
1Late. Namdeorao GhardeDr. A. N. GhardeB.A. III (M.L.T.)
2‘Consolation Award’Prof. M.B. ThikareB.A. I, II & III (Economics)
3Late. Yashwantarao ChavhanProf. S. L. DumoreB.A. III (Pol.Science)
4Late. Bapuraoji YawaleDr. A. B. YawaleB.A. I (English)
5Late. Arunrao GundawarProf. D. A. GundawarB.A. III (English)
6Late. Ahilyadevi HolkarProf. G. L. SodnarB.A. I (History)
7Late. Prof. Ashok ZadeProf. Smt. Dwarkatai ZadeB.A. II (History)
8‘Sahitya Sadhana Award’Dr. Rajesh ChawareB.A. II (M.L.T.)
9Late. Shivajirao KadamProf. N. S. KadamB.A. I (M.L.T.)
10Late. Sahebrao BhagatProf. V. S. BhagatB.A III (English)
11Late Bhagirathi PandeProf. Satish PandeB.A.II (E.L.T)
12‘Consolation Award’Prof. V. C. GhodkhandeB.A. I, II & III (H. Economics)
13‘Consolation Award’Dr. Madhuri TanurkarB.Com I ( Highest % in Class)
14‘Consolation Award’Prof. P. P. KulkarniB.Com II ( Highest % in Class)
15‘Consolation Award’Prof. S. B. GaikwadB.Com III ( Highest % in Class)
16‘Emerging Talent Award’Dr. N. R. PawarB.Sc. III (Physics)
17‘Emerging Talent Award’Prof. R. P. GadpayleB.Sc. II (Physics)
18‘Emerging Talent Award’Prof. Rupesh WandhareB.Sc. I (Physics)
19‘Consolation Award’Dr. S. R. KelodeB.Sc. II (Chemistry)
20Late. Ramchandra DeshmukhProf. B. R. DeshmukhB.Sc. I (Chemistry)
21‘Consolation Award’Prof. S. S. KambleB.Sc. III (Chemistry)
22Late. Vaishali ChavhanDr. V. N. ChavhanB.Sc. III (Botany)
23‘Emerging Talent Award’Dr. P. R. MakadeB.Sc. II (Botany)
24‘Emerging Talent Award’Dr. A. D. AdsareB.Sc. I (Botany)
25Late. Rajan SharmaDr. N. R. SharmaB.Sc. I (Zoology)
26‘Emerging Talent Award’Dr. M. H. PardeshiB.Sc. III (Zoology)
27‘Emerging Talent Award’Dr. S. G. ChirdeB.Sc. II (Zoology)